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CBD Oil 5 Ways To Celebrate 710 With The Cannabis Community In 2020


CBD Oil 5 Ways To Celebrate 710 With The Cannabis Community In 2020

A peek inside the Peak Extracts Lab in Portland, Oregon. Photo credit: Sam Gehrke Photo credit: Sam Gehrke On July 7th (710), the cannabis community celebrates all things concentrates. The terminology goes like this — 710, the word “oil” spelled upside down, is the “stoner” holiday that occurs every year on July 10th. A tongue…

CBD Oil 5 Ways To Celebrate 710 With The Cannabis Community In 2020


CBD Oil cannabis concentrate

A peek inside the Peak Extracts Lab in Portland, Oregon. Photo credit: Sam Gehrke

Photo credit: Sam Gehrke

On July 7th (710), the cannabis community celebrates all things concentrates. The terminology goes like this — 710, the word “oil” spelled upside down, is the “stoner” holiday that occurs every year on July 10th. A tongue placed firmly in the cheek of “stoner” lore, 710 has become a full-fledged celebration of all things concentrates and oils; and it embraces the more scientific and technical aspects of the cannabis industry, such as the laboratories that turn flower into oil, the scientists and extractors who are constantly innovating in the space, the tools we use (like the Puffco Peak) to consume concentrates, and the people who adore these methods of consumption. This special day occurs just a few months after the more widely known holiday 420 on April 20th, a day that celebrates cannabis culture and activism. So this year, on this day, take a moment to appreciate the magical fluid we call cannabis oil in all of its many formulations!

CBD Oil Crafted for stoners by stoners...

Crafted for stoners by stoners, Space Coyote celebrates art, equality, and the psychedelic side of … [+] cannabis. Photo courtesy: Space Coyote

Photo courtesy: Space Coyote

Stock up on Space Coyote’s New 5-Pack Live Resin Joints with Field Extracts 

Collaborations with cultivators, extract brands, and artists are at the core of Space Coyote’s mission — always pairing the perfect winning combination for the best high in this galaxy and beyond. And, here’s the latest fresh drop… When Space Coyote’s live resin singles immediately became best sellers, the requests for preroll packs started coming in. So, they listened. Introducing a 5-pack of potent half gram joints rolled with the finest concentrates they could find, Field Extracts live resin. Sativa and Indica packs are available for purchase, featuring delicious strain specific bud and extract pairings. Plus, these out of this world offerings are beautifully packaged in a collectible, environmentally friendly tin. It’s no wonder Space Coyote is California’s premiere infused joint maker!!

CBD Oil goldleaf concentrates explained

Specializing in guided notebooks and elegant print design for cannabis patients, growers and … [+] enthusiasts alike, Goldleaf products are available worldwide. Photo courtesy of Goldleaf.

Photo Courtesy: Goldleaf

Hang Goldleaf’s Concentrates Explained Infographic Print on your wall

Discover which cannabis concentrates meet your expectations for flavor, purity, and potency with Goldleaf’s Concentrates Explained Infographic Print. Goldleaf brings a clear and credible perspective to the cannabis community by pairing compelling design with the latest peer-reviewed research, making the complex more approachable. Developed in tandem with MJ Arsenal and based on surveys of over 100 experts in the space, this print illustrates the advantages and disadvantages of the most common forms of cannabis concentrates on the market. Designed with approachability in mind, this art print features a modern design with indigo blue, mint, and amber highlights. Chic and smart, this print is a valuable teaching tool and makes a perfect decoration for the home of a cannabis enthusiast or the walls of a dispensary. It’s printed on a thick matte finished archival paper using an ultra-high-quality press for stunning colors and resolution.

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CBD Oil Peak Concentrates

CO2 is Peak’s solvent of choice—due to their proprietary process, all waste material is returned to … [+] Peak’s source farms and composted, then reintegrated into the soil. Photo credit: Sam Gehrke

Photo credit: Sam Gehrke

Support queer/woman owned Peak Extracts 

Kate Black and Katie Stem (Kate and Katie) are the energetic, kinetic partners behind Peak Extracts, one of Oregon’s most respected cannabis and hemp brands. Every Peak Extracts product is produced using local-grown, pesticide-free cannabis and a proprietary in-house Terp-Lock™ extraction process that retains the character and effects of the original material. Source flower is curated with a preference for women led businesses, ethical practices, environmental stewardship, consumer safe farming methods and award winning cannabis. Launched in 2014, Kate and Katie brought Peak to market under Oregon’s Medical Marijuana Program with the goal of providing consistent custom-tailored experiences based on uncompromising quality and integrity. If you’re in Oregon, be sure to check out their strain-specific infused chocolates (they’re everyone’s favorite). If you’re outside of Oregon, you can enjoy Kate & Katie’s extractions with their new hemp CBD and CBDa topicals and CBD, CBG and CBN tinctures.

CBD Oil ABX Live

ABX seeks to normalize the perception and use of cannabis. Cannabis is out of the shadows and ABX … [+] strives to break stigmatization and bring social normalization to cannabis use.

Photo courtesy of ABX.

Get your hands on the ABX Live System

AbsoluteXtracts (ABX) was founded in 2014 by lifetime cannabis cultivators, industry pioneers, and leaders in full-spectrum cannabis extraction. Their ABX Live System features seasonally fresh live resin paired with the highest-performance vape battery and pod system on the market. It’s perfect for cannabis tastemakers and enthusiasts seeking an exclusive, true-to-flower cannabis experience. Strain-specific (which is super cool), full spectrum (also, cool), using select strains from master breeders (yes!) with robust cannabinoid and terpene profiles, ABX Live is available in concentrates, pods, and cartridges. The system works well, stays charged for a long time, doesn’t hit too hot, and the high is mighty fine. Available in California.

CBD Oil Photo courtesy of Eminent Consulting.

Eminent’s Education Program delivers the findings of scientific research in an engaging way with … [+] video, art, photos, games, and assessments that are imbued with authentic personality. Photo courtesy of Eminent Consulting.

Photo courtesy of Eminent Consulting.

Learn about Concentrates with Eminent’s Cannabis Education Program

With a mission to educate and empower learners to act as integrous, successful stewards of cannabis, Eminent Consulting’s Education Program is rooted in scientific evidence and the most current research. This means you’ll be armed with the latest information whether you’re a budtender or simply curious about cannabis. So you want to learn about concentrates? These two courses come recommended because they cover concentrates and give you a well rounded picture of various consumption methods and products on the market: 1). Cannabis Consumption Methods discusses the intricacies of the major cannabis consumption methods. This course dives into in depth explanations of each consumption method including what happens in the body after consumption, bioavailability, pros and cons of each method and helpful tips and tricks associated with use.  2). Cannabis Products breaks down the different ways cannabis products are often made. This course dives into explanations of the different ways to make cannabis products and why consumers may want to choose one over the other. The best part? These lessons are taught by cannabis educator and industry consultant Emma Chasen. She makes learning fun!

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