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CBD Oil CBD Oil in Canada: Buying Guide 2020


CBD Oil CBD Oil in Canada: Buying Guide 2020

By now you’re probably familiar with CBD oil as it is very popular in many places around the world including Canada. However, not many people know where or how to buy it. If you know anything about CBD then you must know that it’s mostly popular in the form of oil. CBD is also very…

CBD Oil CBD Oil in Canada: Buying Guide 2020


By now you’re probably familiar with CBD oil as it is very popular in many places around the world including Canada.

However, not many people know where or how to buy it. If you know anything about CBD then you must know that it’s mostly popular in the form of oil. CBD is also very safe and very healthy. It has the necessary ingredients to battle a lot of conditions, but also rejuvenate your skin and various other things.

We won’t get into the benefits of CBD, but it’s safe to mention them. If we were to talk extensively about the benefits, then we’d need a whole separate article on the topic.

As it currently stands, we’re here to talk about how to buy it in Canada in 2020. So, without wasting too much of your precious time, let’s start.

CBD Oil Where to Buy?


Source: liwts

CBD oil in Canada can be purchased in one of two ways. It is completely legal for you to go out to a dispensary and purchase your oil, or order it online. While some parts of Canada forbid either purchasing methods, it’s safe to say it will be fully legal for you to buy oil shortly.

With all that said, we are going to give you a short rundown of what you need to be looking for when purchasing CBD oil either online or from a dispensary.

First off, it needs to be derived from hemp and grown fully organic. If either of these boxes isn’t ticked off, then you should be buying the oil.

The rest are very subjective and very optional, but you should look for free shipping and a money-back guarantee in the case of online purchasing. If you’re going to a dispensary, then do provide for some lab samples to ensure quality.

As we said, the latter is quite optional and shouldn’t really be that big of a factor. The former however is a must, so keep that in mind.

CBD Oil General Purchasing Information


Source: therxreview

First and foremost, Canadians mostly buy their CBD products from online dispensaries. While physical ones are also there to provide a service, it seems that the option of staying home mostly suits Canadians.

Furthermore, look for a dispensary that also has a physical store. But it seems that Canadians trust the businesses that are continually growing the most. So, if your online dispensary happened to have multiple physical stores, then it’s a match made in heaven.

CBD Oil What Are Other Options?


sours: healthline

CBD doesn’t only come in the form of oil, although people mostly buy it that way. If you aren’t a fan of it, there are plenty of other choices in terms of products.

CBD Tincture


Source: mtncbd

CBD tincture is just as popular as oil; probably because the two can often resemble each other. CBD tincture is a mixture of CBD and oil; we know but it’s not what you think.

The oil in question isn’t like the one you know, but rather a carrier oil; often vanilla or peppermint. As a matter of fact, these two flavors seem to go well with Canadians and are the two most popular tinctures out there.

One of the most reputable online sellers that also have excellent tincture products is Vitality CBD. Vitality CBD has multiple tinctures, blends, creams, oils, vapors, and even makes products for your pets. Naturally, being one of the trusted brands in Canada does come with a few advantages, so we recommend you get your products from there.

CBD Capsules


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Yet another popular CBD product in Canada comes in the form of capsules. An extremely common product, to say the least, capsules are also taken orally and are mostly marketed to people who cannot bear the taste of CBD.

Furthermore, these products are the best way for you to manage and control how much CBD you’re taking. Since each capsule has its own dosage, you will mostly be told how much to take daily.

Yet another reason why they sell so much is the fact that capsules are quite portable and quite discrete. Although it’s legal in Canada to consume such products, many do it from the comfort of their home. Even if they happened to be somewhere, simply popping a capsule won’t raise any eyebrows.

CBD Gummies



An absolutely super popular product in Canada is the CBD gummies. Put it this way, if you want to consume cannabidiol products and also have fun while doing, then CBD gummies are your type of cookie.

The best thing about gummies is that they come in a variety of flavors. From fruity to mint, and even people are experimenting with chocolate.

But regardless of the flavor, gummies are super popular and you should definitely try some yourself. As a general rule of thumb, people can go overboard while eating gummies, so dispensaries mostly recommend a dosage of 20mg. Don’t worry as all this is written on the label of each product.

CBD Isolate


Source: bluebirdbotanicals

If we’re talking about potency, then isolate is the product that is the most potent one. Isolate comes in the form of powder, and it contains as much as 99% cannabidiol in it.

But, even with such high potency, you won’t get high from it as it contains 0% THC. Although people hate mixing THC and CBD, it’s safe to mention that isolate is a potent product that doesn’t get you high.

But, unlike some of the others, isolate isn’t potable and easy to use. However, it makes up for it quite a lot by allowing you to measure your own dosage.

That means that isolate is recommended for people that require more or less than the usual dosage.

CBD Oil What Are the Highest Strains?


Source: tecake

Again, same as THC, you have high and low stains with cannabidiol. But, there are quite a lot of strains that also contain THC. The most popular are:

·      Mango Haze – 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC

·      Charlotte’s Web – 20:1 ratio

·      ACDC – 15:1 ratio and sometimes 28:1

·      Cannatonic – Ratio of 1:1

·      Pennywise – 1:1

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